Paylivre Institute

Change dreams and boost achievements of those who really need it

Dreams and achievements

With access to the right opportunities, people can realize their dreams and achieve their goals

We invest in small gestures aimed at helping to change someone’s life. We believe in the potential of each individual, who in many cases just needs support and direction. That’s why we make ourselves available to help change someone’s life.

Small gestures are the driving force behind big changes

Join us on this journey and contribute a little.

Inclusion and better opportunities

More than donations, we want to plant seeds for personal development. Our hope is to provide not only the help they need, but also hope in their hearts and to motivate them, showing them that it is possible to develop through hard work, dedication, perseverance and consistency.

What we've already done

Our Actions

The Paylivre Institute works for the digital inclusion and better opportunities in the job market of people in vulnerable situations, especially women, offering the necessary support so that they can have a dignified life and can grow and dream of a better future, through help, guidance and, above all, affection and welcome for those who need it.

Contribute to our actions and keep track of where your donation is going.

By taking part in the program, you will be able to access information and all the plans for the actions that will be carried out. We act responsibly and transparently, which is why we make it clear how all the money donated will be invested. Our main commitment is to people.