API integration

Connect your system to ours and manage all transactions without having to modify your checkout

Make your work more agile, and have the confidence and practicality to scale your business.

No complications

Easy integration

Integrate without complications and have fully dedicated support to help with any need.
Language you understand
PHP, Java libraries.
Clear and simplified documentation
Complete step-by-step documentation.

Main features

No questions asked process, just 1 click to pay
Developer-friendly integration program
Monetary limit for users not logged into Paylivre
Automatic troubleshooting for inconsistent input data
Fast validation to execute KYC policies
Front-end designed based on user experience
14x faster than previous versions.
Works perfectly on computer and mobile

Practicality and agility

How does it work?

After collecting the customer’s data at your checkout, your system sends a request to our system, containing some parameters as in the example opposite. The transaction is then processed instantly.

“account_registration” :”123654asd””,
“bulk”: 37.97,
“approve”: 1,
“callback_url”: “”,
“cash”: “BRL”,
“ID”: “613175811075”,
“email”: “”,
“client_id”: 2034,
“action”: 1,
“client_transaction_id”: “8786245687”,
“lot”: 1


Local payment methods

Brazil's most popular payment methods at your availability

API integration allows your company to offer its customers all the payment methods most commonly used in Brazil. Find out which are the most suitable for your client.

Tell us about your payment challenges and find out how we can help you

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Gateway integration
Have a conversion-ready checkout.

PSP solution
Simplify the way you receive payments.