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Grow your business in Brazil with local payment methods, accelerate your sales and increase your revenue in the main emerging market.

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More revenue

Sell more and accelerate your growth
Reach new customers, improve the shopping experience with frictionless checkout, increase your conversions and sell more with our solutions.

Payment alternatives

Online Payments

Receive payments online and manage your sales with the flexibility of our system. Meet the needs of your audience and boost customer satisfaction.

Our payment solutions provide an optimized experience and are adaptable to the constantly evolving needs of the market.


Transform the way you manage your business

Optimize the financial control of your operation with exclusive access to ready-made dashboards, providing easy and efficient financial management. Manage your finances with ease and gain valuable insights that will boost your business growth.

Make informed decisions, boost your results and take full control of your operations. Turn data into action and reach new levels of efficiency.

Solutions for your sector

A solution for the market in which your business operates

We know the challenges of each sector and how particular each scenario is, which is why Paylivre offers your business customized solutions to meet your needs.

Online stores

Physical stores

E-learning industry

Digital services

Financial services

Gaming & Mobile Apps

Travel and tourism

Online Payments

Expand your business with the most varied online payment methods on the Brazilian market

Significantly increase the chances of completing purchases by offering a unique payment experience. Your customers have particular preferences, offer them what they need and watch your conversions increase.


Credit Card

Bank Slip

Reduce the number of checkout abandons

Have the tools you need to expand the reach of your business and offer the right combination of payment methods to increase checkouts on your site.

By understanding and catering to the preferences of the Brazilian consumer, you not only increase the chances of completing the purchase, but also strengthen customer loyalty.
The lack of payment options is one of the main reasons for cart abandonment.

Set and package of solutions

Offer your customers a better and easier experience with Paylivre’s payment package. Receive in a variety of ways and scale your business.
With Paylivre, your business won’t miss out on opportunities due to the lack of alternative payments.


Optimized Checkout

We optimize your time by presenting a checkout ready to be inserted into your site. Increase your sales and reduce friction.

Share values with partners

Split Payments

Perfect for businesses that operate with commission structures. The Split Payments feature allows the company to split the amounts with partners in each operation, simplifying the commission distribution process.

sale with links

Payment Link

With payment links you can sell a product or service even if you don’t have a website. Create a link, send it via text messages, social networks, emails or other channels and get paid.


Recurring and subscription billing

Charge and receive recurring payments. Easily integrate into your website, app or system.

Why Paylivre?

Resources for your business accelerate

Paylivre offers the best and most widely used payment methods in Brazil. Get security, speed and high conversion rates.
More than $60M USD transacted and with partners in more than 20 countries.


The fastest means of payment, already accepted and used by 97% of Brazilian consumers.

Instant Payments

Offer instant digital payments, such as electronic transfer and bank deposit, in addition to PIX.


With our own technology, we offer greater security through our compliance and KYC system.

Simplified Integration

Integrate your website or application with our payment methods quickly and easily.

Customer Support

Offer agility and efficiency in solving problems, with specialized assistance in Portuguese and English.

Back-offices, dashboards and reports

Get back-office services, dashboards and reports to keep full control of your operation.

Easy Integration

Quick and easy integration

Integrate the best payment methods with specialized assistance and complete documentation. Ensure the success of your business and accelerate your sales.


Connect your system to ours and manage all transactions.


Simplify the way you receive payments.


Have a checkout ready for conversion.


Integration through partners in minutes.

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40 M+

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Schedule a demonstration with our team

Adopt our solution to transform your transaction process, boost your conversion rate and ensure the sustainable success of your business. Accelerate the payment process significantly and provide an efficient purchasing journey.

With robust security measures integrated into every transaction, your customers’ information is protected.

No fees

No monthly fees, pay only when you sell

With no monthly fee and no integration fee, Paylivre only charges a fee on what you move in your account.

Available resources

With no monthly fee and no integration fee, Paylivre only charges a fee on what you move in your account.
Instant Payments
Anti-Fraud Tool
Dashboards and automatic report control
Settlement by PIX or Crypto
Frictionless checkout
Fast and assisted integration
Complete Merchant Account

Is your company outside Brazil? Learn how your business can reach one of the largest emerging markets on the planet

Expand your business beyond borders and reach the Brazilian public, optimizing payment methods and boosting your sales.


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Reducing friction

Offer the best shopping experience with fast and transparent checkout

Reduce friction and increase the chances of converting sales. The checkout features the best payment methods used in Brazil and provides greater chances of conversion. 

Provide your users with a better shopping experience and guarantee an increase in your turnover.

Complete documentation

From Dev to Dev

Start integrating with Paylivre with complete, developer-focused documentation.

Explore as possibilidades e teste as APIs no ambiente sandbox.

You integrate faster and accelerate your business.

Our documentation has been carefully designed to meet all the needs of your team of developers. Every detail has been designed with the aim of minimizing integration time, prioritizing agility and flexibility.

Find in our documentation all the essential resources to improve the efficiency of your integration process.

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Humanized support

Get support and security

We are regulated by the Central Bank of Brazil (Bacen) and therefore comply with security standards and are committed to the confidentiality of sensitive information.
We comply with all rules and regulations to guarantee safe transactions.

Whenever you need support, we are available

24/7 support. 99.9% available for service.

Compliance as a means of security and trust

As well as being a legal requirement in many cases, compliance also serves as a protective barrier, helping to prevent violations, fraud and illegal activities.

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