Gateway integration

Have a conversion-ready checkout with a user-friendly and optimized interface

We streamline the entire creation process for you, just add your brand identity and start selling.

Optimized checkout

We optimize the checkout for you

Optimized for conversions and configured based on user experience, your checkout is ready to boost your sales.
Reduce friction
With a clean and intuitive interface, your customers can make payments more easily, eliminating friction and ensuring higher conversion rates.
Customize with your brand
With the checkout structure ready for you to use, incorporate the checkout into your site and apply your brand identity.

Optimized experience

Boost the number of customer conversions in your business and deliver an optimized payment experience

Increase your conversion rates with a frictionless and secure gateway.

Main features

No questions asked process, just 1 click to pay
Developer-friendly integration program
Monetary limit for users not logged into Paylivre
Automatic troubleshooting for inconsistent input data
Quick validation to execute KYC policies
Front-end designed based on user experience
14x faster than previous versions
Works perfectly on computer and mobile

Grow your business

Receive payments using the most widely used methods in Brazil and see your revenue increase

Have the payment methods most used by Brazilians available and offer different payment alternatives to your audience.

Offer a frictionless checkout, improve the payment experience, simplify processes and reduce errors

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API integration
Connect your system to ours and manage all transactions.

PSP solution
Simplify the way you receive payments.