Know Your Customer

Scale your operation and reduce the risk of financial fraud and chargesback

We make it possible and affordable for people and companies to make online payment solutions for both the national and international markets.

Smart strategy

Advantages of the KYC program

The KYC (Know Your Customer) program assesses the consumer’s profile using various criteria. This strategic approach proves to be intelligent by employing procedures that can be applied to:
Confirm the customer’s identity;
Evaluate the adherence of the consumer profile to the offer of products and services;
Assessing profiles suspected of involvement in money laundering;
Detect fraudulent profiles;
Understand the nature of the client’s activities;
Ensure that your sources of income are legitimate.

Avoid chargebacks and validate your customer base

Paylivre’s KYC program enables your business to have as few chargebacks as possible with maximum security and speed. And the best part: validation of your customer base is free of charge!

Escape from problems

Losses for companies that don't adopt the program

Avoid problems and reduce operational risks. Ensure that your business operation complies with Brazilian legislation and that your growth is not compromised by fraudulent consumers and criminals.
Risk of financial fraud and other crimes;
Loss of income;
Loss of credibility for the company with customers, suppliers and the market;
Increased operating costs;
Loss of investment;
Stoppage of operations for an indefinite period;
Expensive and lengthy litigation;
Prohibition from operating in the country.